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BPAY® payments

Investing by BPAY

BPAY is a secure payment facility that enables you to make contributions to the Sandhurst managed fund of your choice. Using BPAY means no paperwork; making it easier for you to make additional contributions to your investment.

To make contributions using BPAY, you will need the following information:

  • the Biller Code for the managed fund you wish to invest in. The Biller Codes for our funds are listed below.
  • your BPAY Reference Number (a unique reference number used to identify your account when you make a deposit using BPAY)

This information is located on your Transaction Statements.


Biller Codes

Biller Code Fund Name
250092 Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund – Class A
250100 Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund – Class B
250118 Bendigo Diversified Fixed Interest Fund
250126 Sandhurst Industrial Share Fund
250134 Sandhurst Future Leaders Fund
250142 Sandhurst IML Industrial Share Fund
250159 Sandhurst Conservative Fund
250167 Sandhurst Balanced Fund
250175 Sandhurst Growth Fund
250183 Bendigo Defensive Wholesale Fund
250191 Bendigo Conservative Wholesale Fund
250209 Bendigo Balanced Wholesale Fund
250217 Bendigo Growth Wholesale Fund
250225 Bendigo High Growth Wholesale Fund
250233 Bendigo Defensive Index Fund
250241 Bendigo Conservative Index Fund
250258 Bendigo Balanced Index Fund
250266 Bendigo Growth Index Fund
250274 Bendigo High Growth Index Fund
250373 Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund
268540 Bendigo Global Share Fund

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Before making an investment using BPAY it is important that you have read and understood the current PDS for the managed fund you wish to invest in.

BPAY payment limits

Your financial institution may set BPAY payment limits. These limits may be set for each transaction made or by a daily limit. You will need to check with your financial institution to obtain the relevant transaction limits for your account. Any queries about your BPAY transfer should be directed to your bank.

BPAY transaction fees

The transaction fees for using BPAY are specific to your financial institution. You will need to contact your financial institution in relation to any transaction fees which you may incur. 

Sandhurst does not charge a BPAY fee to make contributions into our funds. 

Making multiple BPAY payments

Each fund has a different Biller Code, therefore if you wish to make contributions into different funds, each BPAY transaction must be done separately.  

Processing times

Please be aware that even though your BPAY payment may immediately leave your bank account, the funds may take some time to be transferred to Sandhurst from your financial institution. Provided your BPAY request is made before your financial institution's cut-off time (usually 5 p.m. Melbourne time), Sandhurst would typically receive your funds the following business day (usually before 12 p.m. Melbourne time). Units will only be issued once we receive your payment and will be issued at the unit price applicable to the day the payment is received. Please refer to the specific fund's PDS and our Unit Pricing Policy for further information.

Sandhurst reserves the right to change processing times and (in certain circumstances) to refuse an additional investment, or accept only part of an additional investment.


You should obtain a copy of the most up-to-date PDS when making additional investments, as the investment will be made on the terms of the most up-to-date PDS. BPAY transactions cannot generally be reversed. Payments using credit card accounts cannot be made via BPAY. Any queries on your BPAY transfer should be directed to your financial institution.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518