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Commercial Loans

Who can apply for a commercial loan?

Sandhurst Commercial Loans are available to individuals, partnerships, companies and discretionary trusts.

What about interest rates and repayments?

Interest charged by Sandhurst Trustees Limited (Sandhurst) compares favourably with rates charged by other lenders throughout Australia. Sandhurst offers borrowers the choice of Interest Only Loans, Principal and Interest Loans, a Line of Credit facility or a combination of all three.

Interest rates for these loans may be variable, fixed for periods of 1 to 5 years or a combination of both. At the end of a fixed rate period borrowers may select a further fixed rate term, or convert to the variable rate.

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How quickly can a commercial loan be approved?

Approval is usually granted within 48 hours of all appropriate information being provided.

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What fees are charged?

Commercial Loan Setup Fees

The Borrower pays:-

  • all fees involved in the preparation and registration of the mortgage security documents
  • the valuation fee
  • a commitment/application fee is payable once the loan has been approved and the offer accepted by the borrower. This confirms the applicant's acceptance of the loan.

Fees after settlement

No ongoing fees (where loan contract is complied with and is not varied).

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Commercial Loan Product Profile

1. Interest Rates

Variable Rates apply from 1st August 2018

Product Commercial Full Doc
  Interest Only P & I
Existing Business 5.25% p.a. 5.25% p.a.
New Business 4.69% p.a. 4.59% p.a.
Line of Credit 6.25% p.a. N/A

Fixed Rates apply from 26th July 2018

Product Commercial Full Doc
  Interest Only P & I
Fixed One Year 4.69% p.a. 4.59% p.a.
Fixed Two Years 4.74% p.a. 4.65% p.a.
Fixed Three Years 4.89% p.a. 4.79% p.a.
Fixed Four Years 5.09% p.a. 4.99% p.a.
Fixed Five Years 5.20% p.a. 5.10% p.a.

Published fixed rates apply for loans up to $1,000,000. Fixed rates for loans in excess of this amount are subject to negotiation.

2. Fees

Valuation by negotiation
Solicitors fees by negotiation
Commitment/Application fee 0.5% of loan amount

3. Term

Interest Only 1-7 years
Principal & Interest Up to 20 years
Line of Credit Subject to annual review

4. Repayments


5. Loan Amount

Minimum $100,000
Maximum no set maximum

6. Maximum Loan to Valuation Ratios

Commercial 66%
Commercial (Specialised security) 50%
Industrial 55%
Rural 40%
Residential 66%

7. Redraw Facility

Principal & Interest Loans Only
Minimum amount $5,000
Redraw Fee $50

Line of Credit
Minimum amount $2,000
Redraw Fee 3 free* redraws per month
*4th and subsequent redraws per month - $5 per redraw

8. Guarantees

Joint and several guarantees of directors and beneficiaries of Trusts (Company Lending).

9. Required Documentation

  • STL Commercial Credit Application and Loan Summary
  • Copy of Title and/or copy of Contract of Sale - For facilities where the purpose is to purchase
  • Evidence of genuine savings and/or proof of equity for loans where the purpose is to purchase
  • Transaction statements (for the past 12 months) for all loans
  • Proof of identity documentation (drivers licence, birth certificate etc)
  • Satisfactory Equifax Credit Report for all parties
  • Copies of current signed and dated "Lease Agreements" if the properties are leased
  • Last 3 years financial returns must be provided for the borrower and all associated parties (Guarantors etc)

10. Security

First Registered Freehold Mortgage over Torrens or Strata Title.

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