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Sandhurst Trustees has a range of managed funds that may suit your needs including cash funds, income & mortgage funds, diversified funds, Australian share funds and international share funds.

Since 1888, Sandhurst has provided Australian families with financial services. Today, Sandhurst has funds under management of approximately $4.88 billion as at 31 December 2019.

Like Bendigo Bank, Sandhurst is committed to putting the needs of its customers first by delivering customer service, choice and flexibility.

With Sandhurst Trustees you can choose to invest over the short to long-term, with each fund providing different risk and return profiles.

You can find out more about these funds by obtaining a product disclosure statement at any Bendigo Bank branch, by calling Sandhurst Trustees on 1800 634 969.

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Investor Types
Defensive/ Conservative Investor
Cash and income generating assets
Balanced Investor
Balanced portfolio across income and growth assets
Growth/High Growth
Growth assets
$500 Minimum investment
Sandhurst Conservative Fund Sandhurst Balanced Fund Sandhurst Growth Fund
$1,000 Minimum investment
Sandhurst Cash Common Fund    
$2,000 Minimum investment
Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund (Class A Units)  


Sandhurst Select Mortgage Fund

Sandhurst Industrial Share Fund

Sandhurst Investment Term Fund Sandhurst Future Leaders Fund
$5,000 Minimum investment
Adelaide Cash Management Trust   Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund
    Bendigo Global Share Fund
$25,000 Minimum investment
Bendigo Diversified Fixed Interest Fund  
$50,000 Minimum investment
Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund (Class B Units)

Bendigo Balanced Wholesale Fund

Bendigo Growth Wholesale Fund

Bendigo Defensive Wholesale Fund Bendigo Balanced Index Fund Bendigo Growth Index Fund
Bendigo Defensive Index Fund  

Bendigo High Growth Wholesale Fund

Bendigo Conservative Wholesale Fund   Bendigo High Growth Index Fund
Bendigo Conservative Index Fund

Sandhurst IML Industrial Share Fund