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Learn about retirement

Planning for retirement

Most of us expect to retire one day, yet few of us really think how retirement will affect our financial security and lifestyle – which is surprising given we spend up to a third of our lives retired.

It pays to put plans in place so you can live the lifestyle you want. With careful planning your retirement should include some of the best years of your life.

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Use our retirement gap calculator to see if your super and the age pension will be enough to give you the income you would like at retirement

Once you’ve estimated how much money you need in retirement you will need to start putting in place strategies to help you reach your target.


You’re about to retire


You hope to retire in five years


Retirement is five years or more away

¹ If you’ve reached your preservation age and are less than 60 years old, the taxable part of your income stream will be taxed at your marginal tax rate. If your income stream is paid from a taxed source, you will also receive a tax offset equal to 15% of the taxable part of the income stream.

² Where income is paid from a taxed super source e.g. public offer superannuation fund.