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Sandhurst Future Leaders Fund

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Fund overview

The Sandhurst Future Leaders Fund (Fund) aims to deliver income and capital growth over the long term.

Investment strategy

To invest in the IML Future Leaders Fund which will be exposed to a diversified portfolio of quality ASX listed shares outside the top 50 shares listed on the ASX, where these assets are identified by IML as being undervalued.

Asset allocation

The target asset allocation for the Fund are detailed below:

The Fund invests 80% to 100% of its assets in Investors Mutual Future Leaders Fund (with the uninvested portion held in cash). The strategic asset class allocation range of the Investors Mutual Future Leaders Fund is set out below.
Strategic asset class allocation Ranges
Australian shares (outside S&P/ASX 50) 80-100%
Cash and short term securities 0-20%

The strategic asset class allocation provides an indication of the intended holdings in the IML Future Leaders Fund and actual holdings may be higher or lower.
In addition to ASX listed shares, the Fund may have exposure to Australian equity derivatives and hybrid securities such as preference shares. While the assets of the Underlying Investment are invested predominantly in listed shares, up to 5% of its assets may be invested in unlisted shares, where these shares are expected to list on the ASX within 12 months of the investment date.

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Key Features

Minimum initial investment


If you have more than $50,000 to invest click here

Minimum additional investment $100 or a minimum of $50 per month via the regular savings plan
Management costs* 2.10% per annum
Income distributions

Half yearly as at 30 June and 31 December and normally paid within 2 months

*Refer to the 'Fees and costs' section of the Product Disclosure Statement.

Why choose the Sandhurst Future Leaders Fund

The Fund may be suitable for investors looking for:

  • access to the resources and knowledge of IML as the investment manager of the underlying managed investment scheme, IML Future Leaders Fund;
  • access to high growth assets with the potential for long term growth; and
  • an opportunity to broaden their exposure across a range of diversified ASX listed shares outside the S&P/ASX50, allowing the investor to moderate the volatility of their investment risk and return over the long term.

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Recommended minimum investment timeframe

Recommended for at least a 5 year investment period.

Risk profile


To find out more

The information on this page is a summary only. For further information, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), applicable PDS updates and Reference Guide which are available at our website or alternatively please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 634 969 or visit any Bendigo Bank branch


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