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Active Funds

Sandhurst aims to create wealth for investors by providing simple and professionally managed investment opportunities. Sandhurst selects a variety of quality investment managers who specialise in managing specific asset classes who buy and sell assets based on changing market conditions, with the aim of achieving the investment return objective. We call this the "manage the manager" approach. This approach is founded on our belief that it is unlikely one manager will be successful across all asset classes in the medium to long term. The investment managers we select all share one common characteristic; they have expertise in their field and have a record of delivering competitive investment performance over the long term.

Bendigo Managed Wholesale Funds
(minimum $50,000 investment)

These funds consist of five active funds that range from defensive to high growth in risk profile.

Find out more information about each of the five Active Managed Funds by clicking on their links below:

Click here to find out more on how to use these funds in combination.