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Bendigo Defensive Wholesale Fund

Fund overview

The Bendigo Defensive Wholesale Fund (Fund) is a registered managed investment scheme whereby your money is pooled together with other investors' money with the aim to create wealth by investing in investment markets via a selection of quality investment managers. This approach involves investing and allocating Fund assets between a variety of quality investment managers who specialise in managing specific asset classes, including Sandhurst itself. 

Sandhurst uses a predominately active approach, meaning it identifies, monitors and allocates amounts between specialist investment managers who buy and sell assets based on changing market conditions.

Investment strategy

To invest via a selection of high quality investment managers that specialise in managing specific asset classes.

Sandhurst will select investment managers to invest the Fund’s assets across a variety of asset classes constructing the investment portfolio in a manner that it believes will meet the investment return objective.

For further information on the investment managers and the asset classes they manage please refer to the Reference Guide or our Investment Manager Guide.

Asset allocation

Sandhurst determines, given the prevailing market conditions, the allocation of amounts to each asset class on an ongoing basis within the ranges set out below.

The neutral position of the Fund is 20% growth assets and 80% defensive assets.
Strategic asset class allocation Ranges
Australian shares 0 - 15%
International shares 0 - 15%
Property and infrastructure 0 - 12%
Fixed interest 30 - 80%
Alternatives 0 - 10%
Cash 10 - 60%

In exceptional market conditions the Fund may have asset class allocations outside the stated minimum and maximum for short periods of time.

Key Features

Minimum initial investment $50,000
Minimum additional investment $100 or a minimum of $50 per month via the regular savings plan
Management costs* 0.695% p.a.
Income distributions Half yearly as at 30 June and 31 December and normally paid within 2 months

*Refer to the 'Fees and costs' section of the Product Disclosure Statement.

Why choose the Bendigo Defensive Wholesale Fund?

The Fund may be suitable for investors looking for:

  • an income focused portfolio with low capital volatility.
  • a ready made diversified portfolio solution with regular income and low capital growth.
  • a simple, cost-effective solution to help you save for your future.
  • an investment managed by leading professional investment managers.
  • a simple and convenient way to invest, as we handle all of the paperwork and administration.
  • a responsible entity with a proven record. Sandhurst aims to create wealth for investors by employing a disciplined and conservative approach to managing quality assets.

Recommended minimum investment timeframe

Recommended for at least a 2 year investment period.

Risk profile


To find out more

The information on this page is a summary only. For further information, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), applicable PDS updates and Reference Guide which are available at our website or alternatively please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 634 969.