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Sandhurst Investment Term Fund
Anticipated Returns

Sandhurst calculates the Anticipated Return by careful analysis of the Fund’s investment income and by considering factors such as economic and market conditions.

Anticipated Returns are not guaranteed and there is a risk that the rate paid may be lower than expected. Any income earned by the Fund above the Anticipated Return is paid as a performance fee to Sandhurst.

Term Distribution Frequency Anticipated Return
3 Months On Maturity 0.85% p.a.*
6 Months Quarterly 1.00% p.a.
1 Year Quarterly 1.10% p.a.
1 Year Monthly 1.05% p.a.
2 Years Quarterly 1.15% p.a.
2 Years Monthly 1.10% p.a.
3 Years Quarterly 1.15% p.a.
3 Years Monthly 1.10% p.a.
4 Years Quarterly 1.15% p.a.
5 Years Quarterly 1.15% p.a.
Transaction account^ Quarterly 0.05% p.a.#

Anticipated returns are current as at 12 June 2020 and are subject to change without notice

* Income is calculated on your daily balance and paid on the 30th of June (if applicable) and on maturity of the investment.
^ A Transaction Account is a Sandhurst Investment Term Fund account with a ‘V' or ‘X' in the Customer Number; these accounts are no longer available
# Rate is current as at 12 June 2020