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Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund

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Fund overview

The Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund (Fund) aims to provide investors with regular income and may offer higher returns with a lower level of risk through the market cycle in an effort to outperform a static investment in similar assets by strategically managing its portfolio in varying market and economic conditions.

Investment Strategy

The Fund aims to deliver income returns that outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (after fees) over any 2 year period by investing in a diversified portfolio of domestic interest bearing securities across a range of maturities.

The Income Fund can invest up to 100% of investor monies in domestic interest bearing securities and is permitted to invest a limited percentage in secondary securities.

Multi- Class Pricing

The Fund offers more than one class of unit. The term used to describe this type of offering is called “multi-class pricing”. Both units are ranked equally on a return of capital basis and have the same investment portfolio.

Class A Units

An investor who applies directly for units in the Fund is defined as a Direct Investor and is issued with Class A units. To read more about the Class A units please click here.

Class B Units

An investor who applies for units in the Fund through a platform is defined as a Platform Investor and is issued with Class B units. Sandhurst may, at its discretion, and when certain conditions are met, offer Direct Investors the opportunity to invest directly in Class B units. Further details of when this may occur can be found in the PDS. To read more about Class B units please click here.

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Why choose the Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund?

The Income Fund may be suitable for investors looking for:

  • a diversified portfolio with exposure across a range of securities;
  • a responsible entity with a proven record to strategically manage your investment; and
  • a regular income stream via quarterly distributions.

Reommended Investment timeframe

  • Recommended for at least a 2 year investment period.

Risk Profile

  • Low

To find out more

The information on this page is a summary only. For the Application Form and for further information, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), applicable PDS updates and Reference Guide which are available at our website or alternatively please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 634 969 or visit any Bendigo Bank branch.

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