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Managed Funds

Sandhurst Trustees offers a range of managed funds to suit a variety of investment objectives and needs.

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Cash Funds

Cash Funds aim to provide stable cash based investments that generally deliver higher returns than standard savings accounts while aiming to provide secure interest income with stability and minimal risk.

Sandhurst Cash Common Fund

The objective of the Sandhurst Cash Common Fund is to offer investors a professional money market style investment with the combination of competitive interest rates (when compared to traditional “at call” style bank accounts), regular income, capital stability and easy access to funds.

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Adelaide Cash Management Trust

The Trust aims to offer investors security, convenience and competitive returns. The Trust may be the ideal way to consolidate your cash as the central point or ‘hub’ of your investment portfolio.

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Income & Mortgage Funds

Income and mortgage funds aim to provide investors with regular and stable income together with capital stability. Mortgage funds achieve this by investing in a range of first registered mortgages and residential mortgage-backed securities.

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Socially Responsible investing

  • Do you want an investment that focuses on making positive social, environmental and ethical investment decisions?
  • Are you looking to make Socially Responsible investment choices?
  • Are you seeking both financial returns and social good?

Learn more about our Socially Responsible Growth Fund

Diversified Funds

A diversified fund gives diversification in each sector of the market such as shares, property and fixed interest. Sandhurst’s diversified funds also allow you to choose from a range of risk profiles, from defensive to high growth.

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Australian Share Funds

An Australian share fund provides an investor access to the Australian sharemarket by investing in a portfolio of ASX listed shares actively managed by a team of expert investment managers. The funds provide increased diversification by spreading your investment across a variety of sectors and companies.

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International Share Funds

An International share fund provides an investor access to international sharemarkets by investing in a diversified portfolio of quality global companies from around the world.

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