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Sandhurst Diversified Funds (minimum $500)

  • Sandhurst Conservative Fund
  • Sandhurst Balanced Fund
  • Sandhurst Growth Fund
Sandhurst Australian Share Funds (minimum $2,000)
  • Sandhurst Industrial Share Fund
  • Sandhurst Future Leaders Fund





Bendigo Managed Wholesale Funds (minimum $50,000)

Index Funds

  • Bendigo Defensive Index Fund
  • Bendigo Conservative Index Fund
  • Bendigo Balanced Index Fund
  • Bendigo Growth Index Fund
  • Bendigo High Growth Index Fund

Active Funds

  • Bendigo Defensive Wholesale Fund
  • Bendigo Conservative Wholesale Fund
  • Bendigo Balanced Wholesale Fund
  • Bendigo Growth Wholesale Fund
  • Bendigo High Growth Wholesale Fund

Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund (minimum $5,000)

Sandhurst IML Industrial Share Fund (minimum $50,000)

Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund
Bendigo Diversified Fixed Interest Fund
Bendigo Global Share Fund

Adelaide Cash Management Trust


Bendigo SmartOptions Super®


Bendigo SmartStart Super®


Bendigo SmartOptions Pension®


Bendigo SmartStart Pension

Sandhurst Common Funds

Bendigo Funeral Bond

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