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Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund

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Our Socially Responsible Investing considerations

  • We believe that there are links between an organisation’s environmental and social impacts, the quality of its corporate governance, and its long term business success.
  • We are committed to extending responsible investment and ESG integration activities across a broad range of asset classes.
  • We actively collaborate with other key stakeholders through a variety of industry initiatives to improve corporate governance standards, improve transparency and disclosure and encourage responsible investment practices through the integration of ESG issues.

Fund overview

The Fund adopts a responsible investment process that takes into account environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations by primarily investing with ESG conscious investment managers.

The Fund is diversified ensuring risk is spread across multiple asset classes including Australian and international shares, property and infrastructure, fixed interest and cash.

RIAA CertifiedRIAA Certified

The Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund has been certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA) according to the strict disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program1

For more information about the RIAA Certification program please click here

The Fund’s ESG considerations

Sandhurst targets a minimum level of 75% of the Fund will be allocated to investment managers who incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance considerations into their asset selection. ESG considerations are primarily applied to listed shares (both Australian and International) and fixed interest assets.

Investment managers may consider the following when selecting assets:

  • Environmental – where strategies and actions look to address specific environmental issues, management of environmental impacts and integration of production processes with more durable, recyclable or renewable alternatives.
  • Social and Ethical – the social impact of activities, including community involvement, engagement and indigenous relations, meeting basic fundamental human rights and labour standards.
  • Governance – the evaluation of a governance structure, board independence and gender diversification, remuneration, bribery and corruption and shareholders rights.

Key Features

Minimum initial investment $5,000
Minimum additional investment $500 or a minimum of $50 per month via the regular savings plan
Management costs* 0.99% p.a.
Income distributions Paid half yearly as at 30 June and 31 December
(normally paid within 2 months).

*Refer to the ‘Fees and other costs’ section of the Product Disclosure Statement.

Asset Allocation

The Fund provides access to a number of leading external professional investment managers who have been selected by Sandhurst based on their experience and expertise in incorporating ESG principles into their investment analysis and decision making process. Sandhurst determines the allocation to each investment manager and to asset classes on an ongoing basis within the ranges set out below.

The neutral position of the Fund is 80% growth assets and 20% defensive assets.
Strategic asset class allocation Ranges
Australian shares 15 - 50%
International shares 15 - 50%
Property and infrastructure 5 - 22%
Fixed interest 5 - 25%
Alternatives 0 - 20%
Cash 0 - 25%

The Fund has a medium to high risk level and a 5 year recommended minimum investment timeframe.

Independent verification

Sandhurst has engaged the services of a reputable independent research provider who specialise in supplying ESG research, ratings and analytics to ensure that the respective investment managers are adhering to our ESG considerations.

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1. The Responsible Investment Certification Program does not constitute financial product advice. Neither the Certification Symbol nor RIAA recommends to any person that any financial product is a suitable investment or that returns are guaranteed. Appropriate professional advice should be sought prior to making an investment decision.

RIAA does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.

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