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Superannuation and Retirement

Superannuation is one of the key tools available to help you save for your retirement. It works on the philosophy that by saving small amounts of money now, you will accumulate a nest egg to live on when you’re older.

Sandhurst Trustees offers two product ranges to help you save for your retirement and in your retirement.

Bendigo SmartStart Super® and Bendigo SmartStart Pension®

The Bendigo SmartStart product range provides members with a low cost, easy-to-use solution with diversified investment options. It may be ideal for members looking for simple and convenient investment options.

Learn more about Bendigo SmartStart.


Bendigo SmartOptions Super® and Bendigo SmartOptions Pension®

The Bendigo SmartOptions product range includes a superannuation and pension product designed to provide members with flexibility to actively manage their super investment. It may be ideal for members looking to take an active role in managing their own super investments.

Learn more about Bendigo SmartOptions.

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