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Bendigo SmartStart

Bendigo SmartStart Overview

Our Bendigo SmartStart product range provides a low cost, easy-to use solution with diversified investment options to help you save for your retirement and in your retirement.

Bendigo SmartStart Super® is a complying superannuation fund that accepts both personal and employer contributions throughout your working life.  It includes a default MySuper investment option, Bendigo MySuper, which has a lifecycle investment strategy consisting of three age-based life stages. Alternatively, you can select from our ready-made diversified investment options, which are managed by reputable investment managers. It also offers a comprehensive range of tailored and default insurance cover options.Click here to view a Quick Facts Guide to Bendigo SmartStart Super.

If you are an employer you can establish your own employer plan in Bendigo SmartStart Super. Bendigo SmartStart Super is a complying fund that is MySuper authorised, which means employers can nominate it as their chosen or default fund. We also provide the Bendigo Superannuation Contribution Service, an electronic super contribution management and clearing house service available to all participating employers registered with Bendigo SmartStart Super. For further information please refer below. For employers, establishing your own employer plan in Bendigo SmartStart Super is easy. For further information please refer to the Employer Guide or the Quick Facts Guide - employers.

Bendigo SmartStart Pension is an account-based pension which aims to provide a low-cost and easy-to use solution to provide you with a flexible and potentially tax effective income stream in your retirement or as you transition into retirement.

Click here to view a Quick Facts Guide to Bendigo SmartStart Pension.

Bendigo SmartStart may be suitable if you would like:

  • Lower costs for your super or pension account
  • A super fund that offers default or tailored insurance cover options
  • Ready made diversified funds to invest in
  • You want a personal or employer-sponsored super plan or both
  • Online access to your account

Bendigo SmartStart Overview1



Bendigo SmartStart Super includes our MySuper option - Bendigo MySuper, which has an age-based lifecycle investment strategy and default death and total and permanent disablement cover.

Minimum investment

  • Bendigo SmartStart Super - no minimum investment amount
  • Bendigo SmartStart Pension - $10,000 minimum investment amount


An annual administration fee of $98 plus investment costs. A 0.20% p.a. administration fee is also charged to Bendigo SmartStart Pension accounts.

Investment options

11 ready-made diversified funds and a cash product, plus

  • Bendigo SmartStart Super also provides access to Bendigo MySuper, a lifecycle investment strategy
  • Bendigo SmartStart Pension also provides access to an income fund, Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund

Ability to receive contributions and rollovers

  • Bendigo SmartStart Super - accepts the following contribution types: superannuation guarantee, salary sacrifice, self- employed, government low income, government co-contributions, personal and spouse contributions. It also accepts transfers and rollovers from other superannuation funds.
  • Bendigo SmartStart Pension – Pension can be established with a one off personal contribution or a rollover from a superannuation fund. Additional contributions cannot be made once pension payments have commenced.

Account-based pension

Bendigo SmartStart Pension– offers you the choice of a standard pension and a transition to retirement pension.  It also offers you flexibility to choose your pension payment amount and payment frequency (subject to Government restrictions).

Death and total and permanent disablement insurance
(Insurance cover is not available in the pension product)

A comprehensive range of tailored and default insurance cover options is available.

Income protection insurance
(Insurance cover is not available in the pension product)

You can choose a 30, 60 or 90 day waiting period with a two or five year benefit period or benefits up to age 65.

Contribute via Bpay
(Not available in the pension product)

You and your employer can make contributions to your account via BPay®.

1 You should read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for detailed information

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

Bendigo Superannuation Contribution Service

The Bendigo Superannuation Contribution Service is an electronic super contribution management and clearing house service available to all participating employers registered with Bendigo SmartStart Super.

The Bendigo Superannuation Contribution Service is designed to save employers time and simplify their administration by:

  • transferring super contributions to multiple super funds in a single online transaction;
  • removing the need for unnecessary paperwork by managing all of their employees' information and their super contributions online;
  • providing the option of uploading contribution data directly from payroll and making payments via either direct credit or direct debit; and
  • helping employers to meet their SuperStream obligations.

For further information regarding the Bendigo Superannuation Contribution Service please refer to its Product Disclosure Statement or contact the Transact Helpdesk on 1800 001 067 or email

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Some of the key benefits of investing in Bendigo SmartStart are:

Lower costs for your super or pension account

  • No establishment fees
  • No contribution/rollover fees
  • No withdrawal fees
  • No termination fees
  • No investment switching fees
  • Competitive administration fee of $98 p.a. and a percentage based administration fee of 0.20% p.a. applies to Bendigo SmartStart Pension accounts.

Investment management fees that range from 0.39% to 0.99% p.a. depending on your chosen investment option (no investment fees currently apply to the cash investment). Compare the cost of your existing super fund with Bendigo SmartStart Super using the Superannuation Calculator provided by ASIC, the financial regulator.

Comprehensive insurance options

Bendigo SmartStart Super offers a range of insurance choices including default and tailored insurance cover.  You will generally receive a default amount of Death and total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance cover automatically on joining subject to you meeting our eligibility criteria and conditions.

We also offer tailored insurance cover to suit your personal circumstances. You will need to apply for tailored cover and be fully underwritten, providing evidence of your health.  Fixed cover is available in multiples of $1,000.

In addition to Death and TPD insurance cover, you may also apply for Income Protection Cover with a waiting period of 30, 60 or 90 days and a two or five year benefit period or benefits up to age 65.

For more information about default and tailored cover please refer to the Bendigo SmartStart Super Insurance guide.

Applying for insurance is easy - just complete the insurance application form.

Insurance is not available in Bendigo SmartStart Pension.

Ready-made diversified funds

In Bendigo SmartStart you have access to a cash investment product and 11 ready-made diversified investment funds that are managed by specialist investment managers. In Bendigo SmartStart Super you also have access to Bendigo MySuper, an age-based lifecycle investment strategy. In Bendigo SmartStart Pension you also have access to an income fund (Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund).

Our Active fund options are managed by leading professional investment managers. The funds provide access to the resources and knowledge of a number of different professional investment managers who specialise in managing specific asset classes and who research and monitor investment markets to find the best opportunities. Click here to access the names of the current investment managers and the asset classes they manage.

Our Passive fund options provide the comfort of an Index management approach. Over the long-term it is difficult to outperform investment markets by trying to pick winners or attempting to time the market. Index funds are structured to deliver returns, before fees, that closely match one or a number of prescribed Indices.

Sandhurst has selected Vanguard Investments Australia (Vanguard) as the investment manager of Australian shares, International shares, property securities and Australian and International fixed interest for its Passive fund options.

The Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund actively invests in money market securities, term deposits, various types of bonds and other fixed income securities, with an objective of outperforming its benchmark (UBS Bank Bill Index) after fees.

Bendigo SmartStart investment options are designed to cover all the typical risk profiles of investors from defensive up to high growth. So, there is sure to be an option that suits your personal needs.


When we say flexible, we mean it. Bendigo SmartStart offers a full suite of investment options designed to meet your risk profile. You can choose to invest via professional managers actively investing your funds or a more passive index option. Alternatively, you can combine both using a ‘Core Satellite’ approach.

Bendigo SmartStart Super accepts all types of contributions and you can use BPAY® and direct debit. You have access to a number of online services including account balance and transaction history, annual member statements, insurance, annual trustee reports and investment rebalancing or switching.

Simple and easy

You can keep up to date with how your super is tracking via online access.

You can access your super account and switch between investments online. Registering online is quick and easy all you need is your member number and an email address.  If you needs assistance with the registration process you can contact our client service team on 1800 033 426.

Advice through your local Bendigo Bank branch

Information about the Bendigo SmartStart product range is available at your local Bendigo Bank branch or if you are interested in advice your local branch can make an appointment for you with a Bendigo financial planner.

You can download a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement here.

Complete an online application for Bendigo SmartStart Super

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