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Index Funds

Sandhurst aims to create wealth for investors by providing diversified investments across a range of asset classes that benefit from investment market performance over the long-term. The Funds aim to achieve this by:

  • investing in investment markets via fund managers that specialise in managing and operating index funds; and
  • tactically managing the asset allocation of each Fund within the asset class ranges.

With Sandhurst’s index funds, we determine the allocation of amounts to each asset class on an ongoing basis. Please refer to the Fund’s information page or product disclosure statement for the asset class range. This dynamic asset allocation aims to achieve a better outcome for investors than the static performance benchmark.

Currently, the appointed index manager across all asset classes, with the exception of 'cash', is Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd. The Funds will obtain exposure to indices by investing in wholesale funds managed by Vanguard. Sandhurst manages the cash component of the Funds.

Bendigo Managed Wholesale Funds
(minimum $50,000 investment)

These funds consist of five Index Funds that range from defensive to high growth in risk profile.

Find out more information about each of the five Index Funds by clicking on their links below:

Click here to find out more on how to use these funds in combination.