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Bendigo SmartOptions closure

Below you will find documentation which will assist you with your transition to Bendigo SmartStart.

Bendigo SmartOptions will close 26 September 2020.

Recently, a decision was made, to close the Bendigo SmartOptions (“SmartOptions”) product suite.

Why is this happening?

A recent review identified the majority of SmartOptions members were invested in Bendigo investment options. These options are also offered through Bendigo SmartStart (“SmartStart”). Putting member outcomes first, these identified members will be transferred to SmartStart which will provide the same Bendigo investments at a much cheaper cost.

Keeping SmartOptions available to remaining members would mean changes. We would need to increase fees and management costs or remove some of the additional features. We do not believe this is in members best interests. Therefore, the SmartOptions product will be discontinued and remaining members transferred to SmartStart.

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Product disclosure statements (PDS)

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