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Fund resolution policy

Sandhurst’s Investment Committee (Committee) has the authority and responsibility for making decisions on all Fund resolutions in relation to its managed fund investments held through The Bendigo Superannuation Plan (the Plan).

The Committee’s guiding principle on Fund resolution assessment is to consider and decide where it has a reasonable basis for expecting the course of action, to some level of materiality, will increase returns and reduce risk for members, by more than any costs associated with implementing the action.

Fund resolution actions are done with a full understanding of the matter at hand and a full consideration of the implications of deciding one way or another.

Sandhurst will either accept or reject a fund resolution and communicate the reasoning of each decision to members. The fund resolution description and decision record in respect of the Plan will be made publicly available no later than 20 business days after the close of financial year.

Proxy voting summary for the period 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020

The below Proxy voting summary relates to ASX listed securities previously held by the Plan. The Plan ceased holding ASX listed securities in September 2020.

Resolutions Number Percent (%)
Total 178 100
For 0 0
Against 0 0
Abstain 0 0
No action 178 100
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